About Nicaragua

Nicaragua:  A Beautiful, Buffeted Country

Nicaragua is a country of countless scenes of natural beauty.  The country is blessed with the white sands of the Caribbean to the East on the Atlantic side, lush green tropics, winding inland rivers, constant breezes, foothills and green mountains, and crystal blue volcanic lakes with abundant fish.  It is a land rich in minerals from the volcanic ash of 40 or so volcanoes over the years, producing foot-long carrots, luscious citrus fruits, corn, coffee, rice, beans, and much more.  The western side of Nicaragua receives 7 to 9 months of rainfall per year, beginning in May and running through November or so.

Though such a beautiful country, Nicargua has been a much buffeted country by political upheavals and wars as much as by natural disasters.  It has suffered several earthquakes, the most devastating being the one that hit the capital city of Managua in 1972, where over 10,000 people were killed and the "downtown" of Nicaragua disappeared.  The country has also suffered hurricanes and floods, volcanic erruptions, and drought that hinders the production fo their cash crops of coffee.  The internal revolutions and civil war, along with much corruption in government, have left the country in much poverty and sub-develpment.  The more recent political upheaval in 2018 has caused even more poverty and hardship for the people. Though it is a country that has received very much help during times of disaster, yet it remains the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

In spite of all of these troubles and problems, if you come for a visit, you will find the Nicaraguan people very open, conversational, and friendly on the whole.  You will also enjoy their many artistic abilities in crafts, furniture, poetry, music, and folkloric dances.  Come and visit, and see for yourself!