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Love of God International Baptist Church


The Love of God International Baptist Church in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, has seen God's blessing in many ways in the past five years.  It is located in a city where very few people know the eternal and secure salvation offered by Jesus Christ.  But God has raised up a church that preaches that truth in this city for His honor and glory.  The church members have grown in their faith and their knowledge of Christ, as well as their commitment to serve Him.  God has also wonderfully provided for the church to own their own property and building in a city where it is increasingly difficult to obtain property.  We thank the Lord for His blessing on this church!  

However the church still does not have a full-time Nicaraguan pastor, and the greatest need right now is for that to be provided. Pastor Reynaldo was voted in as official pastor but he cannot yet live in San Juan del Sur and just makes trips to serve there every weekend. Since the church is limited in what they can do financially, a big need in order for them to be able to support a full-time pastor is for a parsonage.  Rent costs are high in this vacation beach city.  God has provided for the purchase of a property for the church parsonage, as well as the funds for the construction of the walls around the property, and the first phase of the actual house. Please pray with us for the remainder of the funds to be provided in order to finish this project, so that the church will have suitable housing for their pastor.  The church itself is trying to raise the funds and supervising the project as of June, 2019.