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Us with our kids

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God has blessed us with three wonderful children, who have now married three wonderful spouses! 

Raquel, our oldest, is married to Mateo Garcia, and they are presently living in Pembroke Pines, Florida.  Mateo is serving as a sixth grade science teacher and the head of that department in the Florida school system, and Raquel is working in the same school teaching social studies this year.  They, along with Mike and Jill, are involved in the IBB or Global Church of Miami.  Mateo and Raquel are young adult leaders and also serve in the worship teams.

Michael, our second, is married to Jillian Wojtas, and they are also living in Pembroke Pines, Florida.  Michael is the head teacher of engineering in high school, and Jillian is a sixth grade science teacher.  They have been blessed with their first child, and our first grandchild, Jaedon Michael Large!  The third grandson was also born in December, 2013, Kye Phillip. Mike and Jill belong to a small group of the Global Church, and also serve in the worship teams, as well as Jill teaching children's Sunday School.

Susie, our youngest, is married to Joe Urban, and they are living in Moscow, PA.  Joe is working in insurance adjusting and house rentals and Susie is mommy to our second grandchild, Johann Mark Urban, to our first granddaughter, Myla Joy, and now to our fifth grandchild, Christian Jake!  She will be taking a sabbatical from teaching English in the high school this year.  She and Joe are involved in the Steamtown church plant in Scranton.

God's been very good to us in giving us such good-looking and intelligent children, but most of all children who love Him and serve Him along with their spouses!