Jesus has overcome!

Andy and Diane Large on August 3, 2020

April, 2020

Jesus has overcome!

As He Himself said, "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace.  In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world"  John 16:33.  Jesus stated that we would experience trials and troubles here in this world, but added not to let them discourage us, because HE HAS OVERCOME the world!  How blessed we are to be His children and know that no matter what may happen here on earth, we have the sure hope of an eternity with Him in a new Heaven and new earth!

Here are a few of the things for which we can PRAISE the Lord, even in the middle of the pandemic:

  1. We have had many opportunities to spread God's Word through a tract that says "Hope for Hard Times" and EVERYONE we have given it to have thanked us for it – some people thank us several times!  We're praying they will come to have that Hope in Christ soon.
  2. Though impeded in our desire to visit the fields, the internet has allowed us constant communication with missionaries, nationals in Nicaragua and Peru, and our pre-fielders as we seek to be an encouragement and blessing to them.  We are also able to make phone calls to the pre-fielders, and thank the Lord the US postal service is still operating!
  3. None of the ABWE missionaries in Nicaragua deemed it necessary to return to the U.S.  Though very limited by the virus danger, they are still valiantly ministering any way possible, and were still able to hold the Church Planter Training session in March.
  4. We are still sending out the weekly "Daily Blessing" to over 300 people in Nicaragua and Peru, and the Lord had directed us to prepare on the topics of "Trials and Suffering" and "Anxiety and Trust" even weeks before this outbreak of the coronavirus!  We've had many responses thanking us for the daily verses of encouragement.
  5. The Encounter with Christ Baptist Church in Managua still has a very adequate worship and teaching ministry of Pastor Abel and the leadership through the internet.  We were even able to "attend" their service on Sunday – a special blessing!
  6. Brenda Solórzano (former secretary of our church who studied Biblical counseling in the Lima Baptist Seminary) has become a part of a ministry of counseling and helps for addicts and the homeless or abused of the San Juan del Sur area, sponsored and supported by the government of Nicaragua.  The local government has even given a building and a pick-up truck to be used for that purpose, and they are allowing her to give Biblical counsel to these needy people.
  7. Our daughter Susie Urban is expecting a baby boy, and has been able to keep carrying the baby even through a difficult pregnancy.  

Our Wonderful Eternal Father has answered your effective, fervent prayers!

We are praying for you, that the Lord would keep you safe and in His perfect peace through these trying times.  Please pray with us before the Throne of Grace as well, for the following requests:

  1. The San Juan del Sur church needs fervent prayer for the believers' spiritual and doctrinal protection as Pastor Reynaldo is not able to be there with them due to the COVID-19 and finances, and many of the congregation who are in quarantine in their homes do not have internet capabilities.  Please pray for encouragement of the Pastor and congregation.
  2. Please pray for the Spirit to lead us in our words of encouragement to those we connect with by internet or phone.
  3. The pre-fielders who are seeking to raise the prayer and financial support to get to their fields need special prayer at this time.
  4. The missionaries on the field with sons and daughters in North America need God's special grace at this time.
  5. Please pray for our little Large familySusie is expecting the Urban baby in June.  Please pray for the Lord's continued grace, help and protection for her and the baby.
  6. Pray for Brenda and her Biblical counseling ministry in San Juan del Sur.
  7. Let's pray for protection for all from the COVID-19, from discouragement, and most of all from not focusing on our Eternal Omnipotent Lord and His purposes for us on earth.

"The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise…but is patient toward you, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance"  2 Peter 3:9.  Thank you so much for your part in our ministry through prayer and support!  The Lord bless and keep you.

Andy and Diane Large