Team Effort

Andy Large on August 3, 2020


"Y si todos trabajamos unidos, que gozo será."

 (If we all work together, what joy there will be.)

"Tu obra es mi obra, nuestra obra es de Dios." 

(Your work is my work; our work is of the Lord.)

If we all work together, what joy there will be!


Dear Prayer Co-Workers,


How blessed is your companionship in the Lord's work through faithful, fervent, frequent prayer with us for God's work!  I am reminded of that Spanish song which we would frequently sing in Peru and Nicaragua about teamwork in the Lord's work.  I read in the book of Daniel about Nebuchadnezzar's urgent demand for revelation and explanation of the dreams that he could not remember but that left him sleepless all night.  What did Daniel do?  With prudence he requested from the king a time limit for the answer and then went to his three team members for a fervent prayer meeting.  Though God answered giving the vision of the dream of the king to Daniel, Daniel was very faithful to bless the Lord in prayer and include the team of fervent prayer helpers twice as those who were part of the testimony ministry to the Babylonian nation.  (Daniel 1:16-23 – Daniel uses "we" or "us").  Thank you, dear ones, for loving the Lord's work with fervent, frequent, faithful prayer for the salvation and preparation for service of God's family through us.


We Bless our Lord for…

  • The privilege of preaching in Spanish for two churches, one in Nicaragua and one in Peru.  These churches played the preaching over the internet and many other churches we were instrumental in planting also heard the evangelistic message.
  • Our Lord has been meeting our needs in marvelous ways, even during this pandemic, so that we have even been able to share with some of our national brethren in need in both countries.
  • We had the blessing of our Florida kids being able to visit us again!  (Mateo and Raquel Garcia in the photo above)
  • The ABWE/WOL "Soap and Hope" project in Nicaragua went very well, as reported by the WOL Director in Nicaragua:  "Our goal was to reach 600 families with the Gospel of Christ and provide them with food supplies. We are very pleased and excited to tell you that we were able to reach 630 families with food and the Gospel (actually shared the Gospel with 647), and 139 people made a decision to trust Christ as Savior, all in 21 different communities.  PRAISE THE LORD!!"  (All were communities with church plants in them, and all was coordinated with the national church planting pastors.)


We Bow with you in humble, fervent prayer as…

  • We desire to be used of the Lord in encouraging and assisting church planting missionaries and pastors in carrying out the Lord's last command to us.  Please pray that the Lord would give us wisdom and guide us in our ministry of Member Care.
  • Please pray for a brother in San Juan del Sur who has slipped back into alcoholism and drugs, probably because of discouragement resulting from the pandemic.  Pray for special wisdom for Pastor Reynaldo as he seeks to help this brother.
  • Please pray as we travel from Florida to Pennsylvania without stopping overnight on June 5-6th.  We will be assisting our youngest daughter Susie Urban and family as she gives birth to their third child, as well as speaking in two supporting churches if the doors are open for that. 
  • Please pray for a safe, uncomplicated delivery of the baby (on or before June 10th).
  • Please pray for the pre-fielders under our shepherding trust, that the Lord would provide the monthly support needed for them to soon be able to get to their field of service.


Thank you so much for working together with us through your prayers and support!  The Lord bless you and fill you with joy and peace in believing (Romans 15:13).


Blessing our Lord with you,

Andy and Diane Large