Only Trust Him!

Andy and Diane Large on August 3, 2020


            We are encouraged by our Lord and Savior, all Powerful One, the eternal All-Wise One - to Only Trust Him (Proverbs 3:5,6) with all our hearts and lean not on our own understanding of things.  This passage was and is our stronghold in the time of storm, when sailing life's waterway every day.

TTwo faithful supporting churches graciously invited us to visit, give reports and preach.  What a joy it was to see the Lord's people worshipping our Lord together, caring one for another, and always guarding others and themselves from the virus.  We prayed and then trusted the Lord in His leading of what we should share from the Word and for protection from contraction of the COVID 19.

R Rejoicing and praising our Lord for the miracle of a safe and normal delivery of grandchild number 5.  Our daughter Susanna Joy and hubby Joe and the two loving siblings are tenderly caring for this miracle baby, a gift from the Lord as up to birth it had been a difficult, dangerous time for baby Christian Jake Urban and his mommy.  We all were praying and totally trusting the Lord.  Thank you for praying with us!

U Under pressing financial need, our fellow believers in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, are surviving and hope to increase enough income to meet the basic support needs of their pastor.  We are thankful for another gift to help them out with this.  God is blessing His Nicaraguan children as they trust Him daily.  When a dear believer passed away, Pastor Reynaldo and the church brethren announced a memorial service.  The Pastor preached a salvation message and 3 adults trusted Christ as Savior and Lord.  Two others made decisions to live as obedient Christians.

S Several pre-fielders with ABWE are trusting the Lord for the final minimum required support to head to different countries.  Three of the units have seen the Lord supply and are now waiting for the travel bans in different countries to be removed.  Praise God, additional support entered even in this time of pandemic.

T Time for trusting our Lord was very much our experience, as with packed van we exited the third garage required to get the engine travel worthy.  Just 3 miles after we left the last garage (Honda dealers in Roanoke, VA), the motor malfunction light came on again.  Though we had enjoyed the sweet fellowship with long time dear prayer supporters the extra day we stayed, we needed to get back to Florida to our work.  Trusting our Lord and also a side note from the mechanic that a certain flap would eventually open, we began the 16-hour drive.  Our Florida van needed several stops to rest on the way, but when it crossed over the Florida state line, the motor malfunction light turned off and it was back to normal!  Thank you for praying for us on our travels!

"Only trust Him, only trust Him.  He will see you through."


We are invited to trust God in Prayer for the following important requests:

  1. The Jason Lang family (missionaries to Nicaragua) who have come up to the U.S. trusting our Lord to replenish lost financial support.
  2. Our three offspring and two of their spouses are school teachers.  Please pray for wisdom and strength to teach and be witnesses even online.  We were blessed to have a vacation with the whole family in Pennsylvania in July!
  3. Please pray as we prepare a message in Spanish to be used by the church in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.
  4. Several of our missionaries and regional directors are battling health problems.  Please pray for:  Cal Clark (cancer), Kelly Cook (cancer), and Dennis Slothower (heart problems).


Thank you so much for your part in our ministry through prayer and support!  We pray and trust Him to richly bless and reward you, for all eternity.


Trusting our Wonderful Lord,

Andy and Diane Large