Prayer Update


BLESSINGS:  God continues to provide funds for the completion of the parsonage in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.  Pastor Reynaldo is proving to be a good pastor and we hope he can go live there full-time soon.  He is a graduate of a Bible Institute in Managua and has five other brothers who are also pastors!  Pastor Reynaldo was ordained on December 13th, 2019, and was married on the 28th.

God has given our daughter Susie and husband Joe Urban another child, Christian Jake, our fifth grandchild!  We were also blessed to spend the month of June and part of July in Pennsylvania, helping them, then having a vacation with our whole Large-Garcia-Urban family there at Missionary Retreat Fellowship.  We also were blessed to speak in two supporting churches in July - Emmanuel Baptist of Penn Yan, NY, and Faith Baptist of Salem, VA.


Beginning in 2020, we have been asked to joing the ABWE Member Care Ministry team, helping to shepherd and care for our ABW-E missionary family in Latin America, mainly Mexico, Central America and the Carribbean, as well as the national pastors and leaders.  We will be basing out of Florida as it is the most inexpensive place from which to travel to the countries for our ministry.  Please pray with us about this challenge for the future international ministry - that God would give us the wisdom needed and open doors of opportunity.


 1. That the Lord would continue to provide the funds needed to finish the parsonage construction in San Juan del Sur.   Praise the Lord there is a couple from the church willing to keep promoting and supervising the project there.  Please pray for Orlando and Gaby who have been heading this up, and that the church people can raise more funds themselves, working sacrificially to do so.

2.  For the pastor voted in by the church - Pastor Reynaldo Diaz - that the Lord would lead and bless his ministry and use him greatly for the growth of the church in Nicaragua.  

3.  For much wisdom and good health for us as we are now involved in the ministry of Member Care with ABWE.  Pray for the Lord's leading and provision as we plan our calendar of travel and the new international ministry for 2020.  As so many others, our travel plans have been put on hold due to the COVID, so we are trying to initiate and maintain communication as best we can through the internet and phone opportunities.

 Thanks so much for joining in our ministry through prayer!  God answers prayer!